So Divine! is a podcast series in which Stephanie Gailing and Megan Skinner explore the celestial vibe for each month. In fun and illuminating discussions, we share astrological insights, Tarot archetypes and personal stories. We hope you enjoy these conversations and they leave feeling more aware, empowered and So Divine!

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Latest Episodes

Astrology and Tarot for October 2019

In October’s episode, Stephanie and Megan dig into what looks to be a very intense month; after all, it features Pluto—the planet of transformation, reminding us of the cycles of life—as a star player. We offer insights into working with the deeper emotions and shadow energies October’s planetary alignments may bring. We also honor the stay-bouncy theme that’s also strong this month—with Uranus’ tie-in to both Venus and the Scorpio New Moon—by picking the Tarot card for the month on the fly! Tune in for the big reveal and an announcement of our new website: SoDivine.US.

Astrology and Tarot for September 2019

In September’s episode, Stephanie and Megan explore how this month’s planetary energies are prompting us to question what’s real and what’s not, what’s true and what isn’t. We may find ourselves face to face with our dreams, able to more clearly discern whether we can actually bring them to life or we need to let them go. The astrological inspiration? This month features both a Jupiter/Neptune Square and a Pisces Full Moon. With plenty of fun and illuminating conversation, we also talk about this September's other planetary highlights plus Megan explains why the Moon is the Tarot card for the month.